December 2020

Integrity: Marrying Your Inner World With Your Outer World

with Whiskey Girl

October/November 2020

"Autumn Harvest" Journaling Kit

Journal Prompt

by Whiskey Girl

Since the start of COVID-19, what are the seeds (plans/ideas) you have planted in hopes of harvest?

What does abundance look like in your life?

Write about a day in your life walking in your own abundance. Visualize a day in your life reaping all of the goodness you have sown since the beginning of the year.

-Whiskey Girl, Poet-In-Residence

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Guided Meditation

with Shaymar Higgs

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September 2020

Self Care "Woosah" Kits


Herbal/caffeine-free tea bags

Honey sticks

White sage

Smudging/burning instructions

*return empty container to receive a free bag of sage!*