The Dream Team

Board Members

Shaymar Higgs, founder and executive director

Photo credit: Billy Malloy

With over 10+ years of community development, government contracting, non-profit and private sectors experience, Shaymar brings a breadth of knowledge to every project under his supervision. It is his desire to use his professional and artistic strengths in building and implementing effective strategies, managing and developing communities, and policy creation and enhancement. Mr. Higgs has worked as a teaching artist for over a half dozen nonprofit organizations, schools, and museums teaching mixed-media art to cooking and nutrition classes.

Currently, he also works for M-NCPPC, overseeing the Cosca Regional Skateboard Park while serving on the Arts Advisory Board for the City of Greenbelt as well as Editorial Board member for Greenbelt Online.

Krystiana Bonheur, board member

Photo credit: Billy Malloy

With over 13 years in pre-k to 12 education, Krystiana brings experience in curriculum development that combines a focus on art skills and personal development. Krystiana has worked as an educational consultant and curriculum developer with local nonprofit organizations within the Maryland, DC and Virginia area to provide enriching programs for the youth. Ms. Bonheur has worked as a teaching artist for nonprofit organizations teaching mixed media art with a focus on literature and is currently an emerging arts advocate in the state of Maryland.

2020 PhD candidate, Walden University, Public Policy and Administration

Brian Harper, board member

With over 12 years of financial service experience, Brian brings a wealth of knowledge to our community. He is passionate about bringing learned resources to all people. Mr. Harper is the host of Financial Wellness Wednesdays on Facebook and Instagram. Brian is also an accomplished singer and recording artist with a passion to keep the arts alive for the youth.

Volunteer Staff

Carman Washington, the organizer

During COVID, Carman is who you have seen, handing out art kits and making sure donations are sanitized and. organized for the rest of the community! Ask her, she always mentions how she has found purpose since volunteering at The SPACE!

•Drawing/Doodling •Organizing Anything!

•Paper Crafts

Sadibu Kabba, the voice

Started out as a high school Intern (circa early 2019), now he is giving back to the community by volunteering at The SPACE! Get him started about any of the topic below and it's on...

•Entertainment •Pop Culture Guru •Comic Book Writer •Gamer

Ob, tech guru

Ob, the creator of the YouTube series: "Making Art With Code". Fluent in multiple computer languages, a huge fan of Minecraft, 3D rendering, and open-source software. Ask him about Blender and you will instantly be his favorite student!

•Computer Programming •Sound Engineering •Graphic Designer •3D Rendering

Jennifer Dudley, jane of all trades

Many skills and the ambition to match! Too many to list here:

•Jewelry Designer •Tech (video and photo editor, electronics, electroplating), •Food Science •ServSafe Proctor •Paper Crafts

Kathy Jones, master seamstress

Life-long seamstress, crafter, and artist, Vanesse is highly skilled with her hands. Specialities include:

•Sewing •Pastels •Painting •Jewelry-making •Knitting & Crochet •Upholstery

Kimmie Jolly, master crafter

The last name says it all. Kimmie is the Queen of Craft!

•Scrapbooking • Paper crafts •Sewing •Quilting •Jewelry-making •Polymer Clay